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Wolverine Kills His Villainous Son Dakken By Drowning Him In A Puddle

It’s so nice to see writer Rick Remender commit to a great character death, especially a character that has been needing to be killed off since his introduction. Wolverine’s long-lost son Dakken, has been been a character drifting about the X-comics for a while, causing mayhem and being a general pain in Wolverine’s side for years now. Rick Remender took the character of Dakken to such a dark place in Uncanny X-Force that the only logical conclusion was for his father, Wolverine to kill him. 

X-Force #34 the last part of the “FInal Execution” arc by on raising the body count further and showing us what Wolverine would do to protect his students and those close to him. In a heartbreaking scene Wolverine is forced to finally take down his own son, but instead of gutting him in a violent manner, he slowly drowns him in a puddle while seeing the life that could have been if he was there to raise his son properly. It’s brutal but also casual at the same time. Dakken was a character that needed to go and this was such a fitting end for the character that will surely stick with the character of Wolverine for a long time. Now I just hope Marvel commits to leaving the character dead since it would cheap such an emotional death to simply resurrect the character in a year or two.

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Émile Bayard -Mélusine- (1884)

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